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tree cake Thuringian Cake

  1. Chilled beer

    Chilled beer - simply delicious!

  2. Thuringian Rostbratwurst

    Thuringian Fried Sausage

  3. Wine princess

    Wine princess

Be Tempted

The Cultural Heart can be enjoyed in many ways, including trying the gastronomic delicacies of the region, which are full of tradition. They include noble wines, enjoyable beers and exquisite spirits, as well as delicious sausage and bakery produce, unique specialities like the "Dresden Stollen" and classic dishes of the region like the world-famous Thuringian Fried Sausage.



Wine connoisseurs know the wine-growing areas of Saxony and Saale-Unstrut very well. The latter is one of the oldest in Germany, the northernmost in Europe, and has been producing wine for over a thousand years. On the slopes of the Elbe River around Dresden, wine has been grown for 800 years. It is one of the smallest wine-growing areas in Germany and the vineyards are mostly tended by hand. Visitors can enjoy the wine at numerous vineyards along the wine routes or try the traditional Rotkäppchen sparkling wine from Freyburg/Unstrut.

original halloren kugeln

Original Halloren Kugeln chocolates get their name from the Halloren, the salt workers who used to work in the city of Halle. A mix of cream and chocolate, they are said to symbolize the silver buttons on the men’s jackets, and are produced in Halle, in the oldest working chocolate factory in Germany. A chocolate room in the museum on the factory grounds is equipped completely with chocolate utensils. Under the guidance of experienced chocolatiers, visitors to the Praline Seminar can conjure their own delicacies from finest chocolate and other exquisite ingredients.

thuringian rostbratwurst

The fried sausage is the epitome of German cuisine. Its regional variety, the Thuringian Fried Sausage or "Rostbratwurst", is the best of them all. Its production goes back to ancient traditions, with the oldest recipe dating from 1404. The sausage, also called ‘Roster’, contains finely minced pork, salt and pepper, cumin, marjoram and garlic. It has to be charcoal-grilled and is served in a bun. There is even a Thuringian Bratwurst Museum that was opened near the town of Gotha in 2006.

thuringian dumplings

Mix a quantity of raw grated potatoes with a quantity of boiled and mashed potatoes and fill the mixture with croutons. Shape the mixture into balls and simmer them in water for 20 minutes. The result is a delicious accompaniment to every kind of roast. Thuringian dumplings are simple to make and go well with game from the vast Thuringian Forest and the Harz Mountains. There are even seminars which teach the participants how to create the perfect Thuringian dumpling.


The region is one of the most famous beer brewing areas in Germany. Numerous breweries, large and small, bear witness to the century-old tradition of brewing. Arnstadt in Thuringia was the home of the first wheat beer. Germany’s most popular dark beer comes from Köstritz near Gera. Hasseröder Premium Pils from Wernigerode is today one of the great brands in Germany and the Hasseröder brewery one of the most modern production plants of its kind in Europe. And the first German beer to be brewed according to the original Pilsen style was and still is made in Radeberg, Saxony.

dresden stollen

Dresden Stollen is the German Christmas cake without equal. The cake consists of a heavy yeast dough with at least 3 lb of butter or margarine and 6 lb of raisins, currants or sultanas to every 10 lb of flour. Every family used to have their own recipe. The dough was prepared at home, shaped and then baked at the local bakery.


The genuine Baumkuchen (or ‘Tree Cake’) from Salzwedel is a royal layered cake baked according to the original recipe from 1807. Even today it is hand-prepared and baked on a spit in front of an open fire. The bakery of the Salzwedel Baumkuchen Factory can be visited and after watching a guided tour and demonstration in front of the open fire, visitors are invited to a tasting. Yummy.